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Dogs Understand: Visiting an animal communicator

... Of course I always take care of you ...
Photo: Marion Losse


Sometimes you want animals to talk. And that's exactly what they do! We just have to listen properly.

Curious, the West Highland White Terrier storms towards the visitor. "Speiky can not wait to answer our questions, " says animal communicator Claudia Willscher as she enters Nicole Theiling's apartment. "He told me that at the greeting."

Speak? A dog? Yes, because the 30-year-old can talk to four-legged friends. By telepathy. "Sounds strange, but it means nothing more than 'feeling at a distance.' I build a connection to the animal, so I get sent feelings, pictures, sometimes phrases that I translate."

With Speiky it only takes seconds, and the connection stops. The two women and the dog sit relaxed on the terrace. Nicole asks her questions for 15 minutes - and Claudia Willscher answers them.

Just like that, without spells and hocus-pocus. "I use the owners to establish contact with the animals, which even works by phone, " explains Claudia Willscher.

Whether cat, dog, horse or gecko, the Schleswig-Holsteinerin cares in her mobile practice ( for all kinds, works thereby also with veterinarians together.

And that, although many of the physicians were initially skeptical of telepathy. "Often the animals behave in a way that puts the doctors at their wit's end, and I often succeed in finding the cause."

To Claudia Willscher also come animals that are brought from homes or abroad. "The owners are just curious, they want to know something about the animal's past or just know if it feels comfortable in their new home."

Claudia Willscher has been talking to animals for twelve years now. There are 600 to 800 cases a year. She has always had an extraordinary relationship with animals.

But she could never really explain that connection. During her study of veterinary practitioner, she then heard of the American pioneer in the field of animal telepathy: Penelope Smith. Without further ado, she was trained by her in the USA.

Today she passes on her unusual knowledge in animal communication courses. The surprising thing is that you do not need any special gift to talk to animals. "Telepathic abilities are in each of us, and it's not that hard to rediscover them."

Nicole Theiling (45) and Speiky

"It's nice to know that I like it with me"

I've had Speiky for eight years, and ever since I've been thinking about how great it would be to get answers from him. When I heard from Mrs. Willscher, I was immediately on fire. What surprised me, for example: every time I turn on the vacuum cleaner, he bites into it.

Now I know that he once clamped his left paw on the nipple. Understand the language of the animals? This is no humbug for me.

Today I know that Speiky likes to bathe with me in the lake, eat cooked meat and find his new dog-nanny quite okay. At the age of twelve, his kidneys are causing him trouble, and his eyes have got worse. In contrast, I will do something now.

After all, it's just nice to know that he feels so comfortable with me and always wants to take care of me. "