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Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen: fateful days in the mountains

Love each other: Helene Fischer (25) and Florian Silbereisen (29). But there are bad rumors ...
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After the scandal

How happy each person is for the quiet days between Christmas and New Year. Show masters Florian Silbereisen (29) and Helene Fischer (25) have already embarked on their love holiday. They wanted to use it for long walks, cuddly hours by the fireplace. But as it now stands, that could be difficult. Rather fate fate days for the dream couple!

Many colleagues now talk about Florian Silbereisen Because there is much to talk about. No woman likes it when her boyfriend drinks a little too much and then talks so loudly that the police have to come. Therefore, it is conceivable that Helene has to tell her Florian much to the whirl at the Gl├╝hweinstand so much. Since then, many colleagues talk about Florian Silbereisen - and also about his relationship with Helene. The harmless comments: The thing with the mulled wine, that can happen anytime, maybe it has been stress. The "Flori" has a lot to do, a lot of traveling, that hoses. There are many rumors circulating The others want to know about a deep love crisis of the couple. Reason should be Helene's sexy stage-clothes, which do not go unnoticed by male colleagues. Semino Rossi recently gushed in a talk show so obviously for the beautiful Helene Fischer that he apologized immediately in an aftermath - and also publicly - with his wife. Even a confident guy like Florian Silbereisen can not leave something cold. And then there are still rumors that relate to the career of Helene Fischer. "This is much more in demand now than Florian, " is whispered - and nay the self-confidence of the young man. Although he is so successful himself - regularly around 6 million viewers speak for themselves ... The couple takes time to clarify everything Regardless of whether these sermons are true or not - if something is said about one, there is cause for Pronunciation. Even if the relationship is in perfect order and Florian regularly sees his "Spatzl" as he calls Helene. But this whisper gnaws, consumes, eats up. Good that now is time to clear everything. And we wish them both that fate turns in their favor.