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Heidi Klum: Did Seal lead a double life?

Heidi Klum: Did Seal lead a secret double life?
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A bad suspicion

Did he break her heart? She lied and cheated? It is unbelievable, which suspicion arises now ... When top model Heidi Klum (38) and husband Seal (49) announced their separation at the end of January, nobody wanted to believe in a final love-out first. You were so happy once ...

But now it is believed that the cuddly singer Heidi could have betrayed. Did Seal lead a secret double life ? Even before the break, there were rumors that Seal of the beautiful singer Delta Goodrem suspiciously close. Delta and Seal sit together in the jury of the Australian singing show "The Voice" (the voice). Delta is 27 years young, beautiful and looks like the young version of Heidi Klum . To do this, Seal and she connect the music.

As if the rumors of a possible double life of her still-husband are not already painful enough for Heidi, he also adds, saying: "I have just the best time of my life!" That hurts. And also Delta, which has recently separated from her former friend, fueled the love rumors. Now she is flirting: "I think Seal is very cool. I can understand why Heidi married this man. "

It seems to crackle. And Heidi ? She obviously suffers greatly from the failure of her great love. She now says, "I feel like in the eye of a tornado." Her helplessness is clearly felt. "Seal is a grown man who turns 50 next year. I can not tell him what to do and what not to do. It's tough, "said Heidi . She sounds deeply hurt.