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Gerard Butler is auctioning date with himself

Women are offering dinner with Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

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Who Gerard Butler Valentine's appointment is, is not yet decided. What is certain is that the lady has to reach deep into her pocket. The Valentine's Day actor uses his status as a heartthrob for a good cause and auctions himself: Just in time for the day of the lovers ends the auction, the proceeds of the children's cancer aid will benefit. Of course, this gives reason to hope that for the winner is actually more in it than just a dinner with the Beau.Zumal who has just just proved that he is generous with kisses with tongue and she even spontaneously x-any street musician gives. What does his currently biggest admirer Jennifer Aniston think of Gerry's latest action? If she does not get him on a leash, you're free to bid. Incidentally, the action already brought in over $ 50, 000. With such a proud sum he can really deliver something more than just well maintained entertainment!