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Awesome trick: fall asleep in a few minutes

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I can not sleep

Are you afraid of going to bed now because you know that you're going to spend hours in bed tonight? Then we have just what you are looking for. A simple trick that helps you fall asleep within a few minutes.

So far, we only knew this trick from the last night of drinking. That he should also help with sleep problems is new to us. But we are happy to teach you a better one. So - how does the trick work again? Just let one foot hang out of bed? We will make it!

The background: Our body temperature plays an important role in falling asleep. If we are warm, we are automatically fitter, feel more alert. So that means we need to cool our body temperature down a few degrees before going to bed. And that's easy with the 'foot-from-the-bed-hold-trick'. Why it is like that? Because there are vessels under our feet that regulate body temperature. Be sure to try!

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