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Simply knit the lamp holder yourself

This pretty lamp holder is a real bright spot in dark winter days
Photo: Gr fe and Unzer / Jochen Arndt

Fancy knitting

With this self-made lamp socket, a light comes on and that's why we get right to work and knit the cool part!

What you need for the cable socket:

  • Virgin wool yarn (100% merino wool, 160 m / 50 g running length), 25 g in celadon green, z. B. Cool Wool by Lana Grossa
  • Strickliesel with 4 eyelets
  • Needle no. 3
  • PVC hose H03VV-F in white, length of your choice
  • Lampholder by REV Ritter, Art. 0503046555 in white

The complete Strickannleitung for download can be found here!