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Garden Hydrangea: Host favorite at every summer party

The popular dazzling wonder is not only nice to look at, but is maintained with good care throughout the season.

Naturally beautiful hydrangea decoration for the terrace

The variety of garden hydrangea make the summer terrace the place to be of family and friends and must not be missed again this year.

The terrace season is in full bloom and with it the magnificent hydrangea. Friends want to be welcomed and fed after work, the family comes together regularly on the weekend - there is a lot of activity. If you are smart, do not ask yourself for every terrace get-together the question of the appropriate decoration, but in the long term plans a natural and modern look for the outdoors. The perfect partner for this project is the hydrangea .

The hydrangea refines the terrace with large flower balls, which are composed of individual four-petalled mini-flowers. Especially in cream colors and a variety of white shades can create a simple and modern table decoration in a natural look for summer parties of all kinds. Medium-sized hydrangeas are placed in Azure, Baby Blue and Petrol planters directly on the patterned-cover table. Blue candles, Cobalt-colored jugs and Basque lamps complement the flowers in their natural beauty.

Beyond the festive table, large hydrangeas in high planters frame the summer dining area and optically divide the terrace from the rest of the garden. Here, the hydrangea can score points with its variety and record the different shades of blue of the table decoration in their flower balls. Decorative elements such as a vintage storm lantern or a simple seat swing made of cords and wood complete the overall picture.

So hydrangeas stay beautiful for a long time

So that the hydrangea can really celebrate many summer parties, she needs a little attention. Regular watering is essential for their prosperity. It is true that rather little but more often should be poured. Waterlogged gets the terrace plant is not good. Also, full and permanent sunlight should be avoided.

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