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Cartier in the cinema: 165 years of jewelery history

Short film: L'Odyssée de Cartier
Photo: Cartier

Short film: L'Odyssée de Cartier

165 years in 3:31 minutes: For Cartier's short film "L'Odyssée de Cartier ", the traditional jewelry company summarizes its history in an impressive manner. A panther, a snowy Russian landscape and the finale at the Parisian Place Vendôme. We clarify the most important symbolics in the film ...

A panther awakes from his diamond sleep and embarks on a journey around the globe. Cartier celebrates its 165th anniversary with a short film. Founded by the brothers Louis, Jacques and Pierre, the noble designs conquered the whole world. But what is actually behind the beautiful pictures in the movie "L'Odyssée de Cartier"?

Cartier and the Panther: Since 1914, the big cat accompanies the company. Behind the design was the affection of the jeweler to Cartier employee Jeanne Toussaint. With the short hair, the long cigarette holder and the inimitable elegance, the creative cat lover is also called "la Panthère" ( film scene: 0:09 ).

Cartier and the "Trinity" ring: About 90 years ago, Louis Cartier designed the piece of jewelery that has remained in the assortment until today. The ring "Trinity de Cartier" was designed in 1924 for the French poet Jean Cocteau ( film scene: 0:22 ).

Cartier and Russia: At the age of 25, Louis Cartier drew inspiration from Fabergé's work. In 1912, even Tsar Nicholas II was given one of his enamel Easter eggs as a gift ( film scene: 0:51 ).

Cartier and India: In 1919, Jacques Cartier traveled to India, collecting inspiration and becoming friends with maharajas, who from then on made the boldest assignments to Cartier. The Indian-inspired jewelry was received with enthusiasm from London to New York ( film scene: 2:06 ).

Cartier and Santos Dumont: Together with the inventor Santos Dumont, Louis Cartier set out to search for meaning, into a new territory of discoveries and inventions. Result of this trip: a clock. ( Movie scene: 2:30 ).

From April 2012, the short film will be shown in the cinema.

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