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Crochet friendship ribbons - how it works!

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  1. BFF forever
  2. Bracelet with fish:
  3. Bracelet with starfish

BFF forever

About this piece of jewelry, the best friend will certainly be happy. We crochet small, maritime bracelets with fish or starfish motif.

Small gifts keep the friendship, they say. And let's face it: bestowing the best friend, the daughter or mother a little thing and to put a smile on your face, that makes everyone happy ...

Our DIY project for today is: Crochet friendship ribbons - and in sweet designs from the sea, such as fish and starfish. The great thing here is that yarn remnants can be recycled well.

Crochet friendship ribbons - how it works!

Material: 1 Kn. Anchor Aida 20 in the color of your choice; 1 Milward crochet hook 1, 5

Bracelet with fish:

Execution: Working in rounds.
1st round: into a string of 1 lb 9 dc, close with one Km. Continue working in rows
1st round: 1 ch 5 fm. 2nd round: 1 ch 5 fm. 3rd round: 1 ch 4 fm (skip first loop of previous row). 4th round: 1 ch 3 fm (skipping first loop of the previous row). 5th round: 1 ch 2 fm (skipping first loop of previous row).
Now crochet the body along the outer edge as follows:
3 dc 1 picot (3 ch in 1st dc 1 dc = fin) 5 dc 3 dc 5 dc (work the first dc in the same loop of the preliminary round as the 5th dc in front of the 3 ch) 1 picot 3 dc 1 Km (rear center of the fish). Now work caudal fin, always pierce it in the same mesh link:
4 chs 1 dstb 3 ch with one kilometer 3 lm 1 dstb 4 ch with one kilometer. Finish work.

Attach the following little fish to the fins (picot) for one kilometer (3 ch, 1 kilometer to the fin of the previously crocheted fish, 1 ch to the 1st ch)

Preparation: In a string 1 lm 10 fM, close with Km round. Crochet approx. 10 ch, attach with 1 km to the fin (Picot) of the fishing, crochet to the 40 ch 39 dc end with 1 km. Finish the work. In a string 1 lm 25 fM, close with a Km round. Crochet 10 ch, then attach to the fin (picot) for 1 km, crochet 9 dc on the 10 ch, finish with a pice. Finish work. Sew on threads.

Bracelet with starfish

Execution: Working in rounds.
ROUND 1: In a string of 1 round 1 dc 12 dc, close with round of round.
2nd Round: Crochet 4 ch on this back 1 Km 1fm 1hStb with one Km into 2nd, attach next loop of the preliminary round, repeat from * 5 times (6 points). Finish work

Connect the following asterisk with the 1st and 6th pip (starting from the beginning of the round). Crochet in the 2nd round as follows:
1st spikes: 4 ch on this back 1Km 1 sc 1hStb 1 km into the second following loop of the preliminary round.
2. Prongs: Crochet like 1st pips.
3rd spikes: 4 ch, then attach with 1 tr to the 1st prong of the previously crocheted asterisk, complete spikes back to the chord 1 km 1fm 1hStb 1 km into the second following stitch of the preliminary round.
4. Prongs: Like 3. Prongs work. 5. + 6. Prongs: Crochet like 1st pips.

The instructions for download, as well as two more for floral and sunflower friendship ribbons are available at www.

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