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Eva Brenner: Shaping the kitchen - that's how it works

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Ideas for a fresh breeze in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house and much more than just a place to cook. Here are my best ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

The kitchen is the heart of the house and much more than just a place to cook. Here you can meet with family or friends to eat together or have a chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Also on my "home in happiness" construction sites, I attach great importance to a kitchen that invites to long conversations and a few cozy hours. It does not need luxury or expensive bells and whistles. With just a few moves and small accessories you can spice up any kitchen very easily.

As far as space permits, of course a table and chairs should not be missing. For smaller kitchens there are clever folding table solutions that take up very little space. Decorative and extremely practical are constructions that are bolted to the wall. So you can open a table if necessary or create additional work space. The special highlight is the small shelf, which remains despite folded down area. Here you can place decorative elements according to your mood.

Small highlights are provided with new cabinet and drawer handles. Playful handles immediately catch the eye and can change the look of a kitchen. While a black iron handle, a small ceramic knob with embellishments or a curved shape create delicate accents, rustic wooden handles or leather loops for a pithy note.

If you have enough of the look of his kitchen, you can already achieve a lot by changing the color concept. If you get a nice fabric with small applications, you can even sew small eyecatchers like kitchen towels. Fittingly there are new potholders, place mats and a runner. I always recommend: the courage to color, because in simple kitchens colored accessories look inviting and create a cozy atmosphere.

A little life can be given to the kitchen with a small herbal cabinet on the windowsill. Simply plant fresh basil, parsley, mint and rosemary in uniform planters and drape under the fester. Not only does it look pretty, it also tastes good. Especially in small kitchens you know the space problem only too well. Cooking utensils piling up on the work surface and a lot of odds and ends in drawers and cupboards robs precious storage space. Rail systems that are mounted on the wall with little effort are ideal. You can hang colorful containers for spices or small hooks for cooking spoons and other kitchen helpers. Meanwhile, there are a variety of different ways to customize rail systems individually. The whole thing creates order and makes bald walls a real eye-catcher.

As a classic among the kitchen tips, of course, the panel color may not be missing. In the meantime you can buy them in different colors in the hardware store. If you have a free wall, stick small circles and rectangles on them, paint them and finally attach wooden frames directly to the wall. The small work of art can be individually designed and offers guests the opportunity to leave a small message.

Next time I will have some great tips on how to create a large relaxation area from a small balcony.

All the best, your Eva Brenner

(Photos: deco & style)

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