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Angel napkin holder

  • silver foil
  • thin, shimmering paper
  • Scotch tape
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

1. Cut out the following figure from silver foil: a semicircle of about 19 cm (better: just over half).

2. Leave a circle in the middle for the head (3.5 cm Ø). Then glue the back corners together with adhesive tape to create a funnel-like figure.

3. Sew wings on the right and left: cut out several layers of triangular paper from thin, shimmering paper, fold them in the middle, put six pieces on each side and sew them tightly to the body.

4. Finish with Goldilocks.

Roll up a white paper napkin for each little angel and put it behind the head into the gap. Distribute napkin holders on the table or place each angel an angel on the plate.

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