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A hairdressing workshop for fathers

This dad leads the hairdressing workshop!
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Frisierende Däter: The workshop for dad and daughter

What do fathers do when the child wants a braid but Mama is not there? For just this case, a daddy now offers a hairdressing workshop!

The demands on the perfect dad are getting higher. Not only does he have to be able to listen and read aloud, but he must also be able to dance in a funny way, as a father has already shown us in a funny video. But in some things, many a father is suddenly quite helpless when woman is not home. For example, what if you are alone with your daughter and you would like to be styled? In many cases, braiding braids is not exactly the typical talent of a father.

Stop it! For the pretty hairdressing are no longer only women, but also the men in charge. That's what this daddy thought, who once had nothing to do with hairstyles. Then Philippe Morgese took part in a contest of our well-known father Greg Wickherst, which was about the most beautiful children's hairstyle went and won. Now he offers a workshop for fathers and daughters. In this the daddies learn nothing else than that: Hairdressing!

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He follows in the footsteps of Greg, who even went to a cosmetic school for his daughter! Now more and more dads are in the hairdressing fever and proudly post photos of their self-made hairstyles, tested on clearly happy daughters.

I'll call this a braided reverse fishtail. Emma wanted more than a "regular ponytail" for our trip to the museum:) So glad it's Friday!

Posted by Philippe Morgese on Friday, September 25, 2015

Making hair is clearly no longer a woman's business. That's why there are braids, braids and pony cutting on the daddy's tutorial. First and foremost, however, the basic prerequisite is learned: combing hair. It is practiced on their own daughters, who obviously have much more fun at the unusual hairdressing workshop than their strained daddy . The mothers of the world can breathe a sigh of relief: the next time man completes the daughter in the morning, she comes to school with neat hair!

Diagonal braids into unfinished buns. :)

Posted by Greg Wickherst on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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