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DSDS: Mehrzad Marashi flutters for the second time

DSDS-Mehrzad celebrated its wedding anniversary in Dubai


Photo: Mehrzad Marashi privatAuch the love must be celebrated now and then. Especially if you are a frequent DSDS winner and therefore often away from the family. Mehrzad Marashi probably thought so too and brought his wife Denisse a trip to Dubai just in time for her first wedding anniversary. How romantic! The second honeymoon the young family spent with their little son Shahim in the hot desert sand, by the sea and of course in the many impressive malls of the shopping paradise Dubai. With the Berlin tour operator JT Touristik Mehrzad had planned the trip in detail, after all, Dubai was for the singer a long-cherished desire goal. Everything should be perfect. With the trip to Dubai Mehrzad fulfilled a dream "The trip to Dubai has long been a dream of mine. On the one hand, we have really spotted in the many shopping centers, on the other hand, we have also made trips to the nearby desert and doing a dune safari. We were very impressed by the visit of the legendary Burj Al Arab, "Mehrzad said. He and his beautiful wife, however, let their souls relax next to the tour program and celebrate their anniversary and their love with a wonderful romantic sunset in Dubai.MI

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