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The check list for your bike

We waited a long time for that: Get on the bike and off to the countryside!
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  1. Finally spring
  2. More air
  3. Strong heart
  4. Healthy joints

Finally spring

For your safety: Experts say what you should check now - and how it works.

Whoever rested, rusts. This also applies to your bike . After the long winter, a thorough spring check is announced - with expert tips from the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club:

  • Washing: Clean the wheel with SpĆ¼li water from top to bottom. The high pressure cleaner is taboo, damaged the bearings.
  • Retighten the screws: Lift the bike slightly and let it fall onto the wheels. Is it clattering? Tighten screws!
  • Inflate tires: do the thumb test. If the tire gets pushed in, it needs more air. Renew cracked and brittle tires.
  • Lubricate chain: First remove old dirt with a (tooth) brush and a cloth, then apply new oil to the joints.
  • Check brakes & light: Replace defective lamps and worn brake pads. Brake cables should not be frayed at the ends.
  • Check of the driver: He may not have a game. When there are rusty spots on the clamp, replace it - risk of breakage!

More air

The rhythm does it. When riding a bicycle, the lungs absorb twice as much oxygen as during rest periods. The oxygen flows evenly with the blood into all organs. This strengthens the condition - especially when cycling in a low gear: The resistance is low, and you make more turns with the pedals. This burns a lot of fat and helps you lose weight. And it makes the veins more flexible, which lowers the blood pressure. Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle and with the right equipment, it is one of the safest sports. With helmet and joint protectors even the little ones can do a lot for their health and body. Internet shops such as prove that a sporting hobby does not require much effort but only the right equipment to give the whole family a new sense of life.

Strong heart

When cycling, the heart pumps up to 1.2 liters of blood per minute into the body. Because the heart muscle is trained, without the burden of walking or jogging, because the breathing is free. A US study shows that pedaling 45 minutes three or four times a week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 64%.

Healthy joints

To keep the cartilage healthy in the joints, it needs nutrients and minerals. They are pushed into the cartilage by movement of the synovial fluid. When biking that happens without much load, because about 80 percent of the body weight rests on the saddle. This is especially good for the hip and knee joints.

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