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Decorative ideas with lace: 5 magical instructions

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This is lonely top

Top is just lonely top! That's why we make vases, clocks, table decorations and much more from the filigree material. Just join in!

What you need for the flower vase with lace look :

  • lace tablecloth
  • Glass vase
  • narrow double-sided adhesive tape
  • Flowers: roses, milk star (Ornithogalum)
  • scissors
  • knife

That's how it's done:

1. Crop the tip to vase size.

2. Fix the point punctually with double-sided adhesive tape to the vase.

3. Cut flowers with a knife and put them in the vase filled with water.

What you need for table decoration with lace:

  • Small lace ceilings or fabrics
  • shingle
  • needle and thread
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

Place the doilies around the stones and sew them together on the underside of the stones as invisibly as possible.

You need it for the coasters:

  • old lace ceilings and lace ribbons.
  • tiling
  • Porcelain paints (craft shop)
  • stippling
  • Paper for the work surface

It's that easy:

1. Place the tip on the desired spot of the tile, fix well.

2. Dab with porcelain paint over the top. Allow the paint to dry slightly.

3. Pull off the tip again.

4. Allow the paint to dry well and, if necessary, fix in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

What you need for the lanterns with a tip :

  • Lanterns (eg from the depot)
  • Lace ribbon (department store)
  • Adhesive strips (eg tesa)
  • Snow spray (craft shop)
  • candles
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • Paper for the work surface

And that's how easy it is:

1. Measure the circumference of the lanterns and cut the lace band accordingly.

2. Now fix the tip with a little tape.

3. Spray the lanterns with snow spray. Let dry.

4. Finally put in the candles.

You need this for the clock:

  • Paste plate with raised rim
  • Cling film
  • Round lace doily
  • Clockwork (craft shop)
  • Spray paint, z. B. in pink or black and white
  • brush

That's how it's done:

1. Mix the paste according to the package instructions.

2. Cover the plate with cling film.

3. Lay the top cover and brush with glue. Allow to dry well.

4. Release the hands from the movement and spray in the desired color.

5. Spray the watch case in white. Let the paint dry.

6. Assemble the hands and housing as per the package instructions and secure in the center of the tip cover.

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