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Bald bald cartoon characters encourage children with cancer

Shaved cartoon heroes are to give courage to children with cancer.
Photo: youtube / GRAACC SP


We regularly find great highlights on the World Wide Web! Today: cartoon characters with bald heads , who are supposed to encourage children with cancer .

They remember her long, straight hair. To her curls. On her braided hairstyles. If these kids are over their heads now, there's nothing left. When they look in the mirror, a sick child smiles at them. A child stared at by others. They want nothing more to be like the other children. The girls and boys have lost their hair, but not their zest for life.

The Brazilian campaign "Bald Cartoons" ("Bald Cartoons") supports children in the fight against cancer. For a very special campaign, Garfield, Snoopy and Co. had to leave their hair. Since last year, the Brazilian TV shows cartoon characters with bald heads . Children with cancer who have lost their hair during chemotherapy should gain self-confidence. They should be deprived of the feeling of being different. At least externally. And if they are stared at then, then certainly only with pride. Because they do not give up but fight for their lives.

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