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Small, colorful and funny

Small City Cars in the Editorial Test

When the Smart Test pledge emailed me into my electronic mailbox, I was delighted. I promised myself with "my" Smart an unprecedented dimension of driving pleasure ...

Sometimes practical, sometimes unwieldy: Before you can open the entire trunk, you must first open the tailgate.

A small dwarf defies the hail ...

Optics: In red and black is "Smartie" (that's what I call my test car) in front of the publisher, waiting for me to catch up with him, start and make the streets with him uncertain. The door feels compact, with a bright peng she rushes into the lock. No wonder, the body panel is mostly made of plastic.

That makes me prune first and think of a chugging vehicle called Trabbi. But our trainee, an enthusiastic smart driver, explains to me: If something is broken, you do not have to bulge elaborately or big in the workshop. You just let a new plastic part click, done! And besides, I do not have to be so scared of the announced hailstorms. That in turn I find the current weather capers really great!

Outside mini, inside maxi

Well-being: I sit elevated and comfortable on the steering wheel, which gives me a sense of security despite the mini-length of exactly 2.69 meters. Even my 1.90-meter passenger feels good and does not complain about lack of legroom. The decor is Spartan, but perfectly adequate. Only the handle on the passenger door is painfully missed immediately by all my passengers.

A surprise holds the trunk ready: A water tank, a shopping box and a large bag fit easily into it. Just a pity the somewhat impractical handling. To open the trunk completely, you need both hands: Only this way, the opening hooks can be operated on the right and left. That's annoying.

The interior design is quite simple, but I really miss nothing. The air conditioning I can easily regulate with a slider, the fan also. Funny eye-catcher: Two bullets on the dashboard show me speed and time. The steering wheel is pleasantly grippy and compact in my hands, the seats nestle comfortably against my back.

Small, colorful and funny!

Driving pleasure: When I use my Smart (a ForTwo cdi kW 33 with 45 hp) for the first time, I'm positively surprised how much power the few horses put on the road. At the traffic light, I get away quickly and in city traffic, I do not need a race car anyway. But rather the semi-automatic, which should make it easy for me in rush hour. And in fact, I am glad that I do not have to constantly couple in the morning rush hour traffic.

Unfortunately, this "softip" also elicits so many curses; For example, when I roll at 25km / h, it suddenly shifts from 2nd to 1st gear. This sucks after the third time. But I am really surprised by the handling of my Smarts: The steering reacts directly, in curves he is surprisingly well on the road and even at 100 km / h on the highway, he looks solid. But I do not want to drive faster, the diesel engine will be too loud for me. But my test car delivers after 500 kilometers but a gratifying consumption result: Just under 5 liters in the city and on the highway! Flirt factor: Let's put it this way: Smartie arrives. With the lane change a short flashing is enough and even the still so stressed limousine driver makes me einscheren. At the traffic light we both harvest attentive glances and when I easily disappear backwards into mini-parking spaces, the competitors look jealous - they do not seem to be angry with me ... Value for money: From 12, 000 euros you get a lot of driving pleasure here - but best enjoyed in the city. JOY Online Judgment: The perfect car for city single girls. The admiring looks are guaranteed. There is space for the best friend or the flirt of the previous evening as well as several XXL shopping bags. Consumption is low, the purchase price in the frame. In short, my Smartie is like his round namesakes made of chocolate: small, colorful and funny!

Katharina Korb-Gerum, editor JOY Online

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