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Ciao, tampon and Co.! Here comes the menstrual pants

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  1. The alternative to bandage and tampon
  2. The benefit of menstrual panties
  3. The downside of menstrual underpants

The alternative to bandage and tampon

Are you tired of conventional hygiene products during the menstrual period? Then special underpants could be the solution ...

A woman gets on average about 500 menstruations in her life and spends about 16, 000 euros on hygiene articles. Not very little, we find. In addition: When inserting the tampon there is always a certain risk of infection. But what to do? Remedy can now create menstrual underpants that you simply wear during his "days". Sounds scary now, but how does it work?

The underpants are now available in different shapes and colors. Of course, the selection is not as huge as with conventional laundry. Nevertheless, you will surely find one that you like (for example on Thinx, Dear Kate or even Amazon). What they all have in common: They are equipped with a technology that absorbs liquid, similar to a bandage. But the layers of material not only absorb, they also prevent blood from getting lost. So women should feel safe during the period and come through the everyday life without worries.

This is it guys so excited to announce that we've launched a completely refreshed experience for the @shethinx community. #syncup #periodproud #bleedboldly #equalityforall #feministfootprint

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The benefit of menstrual panties

The laundry is changed as needed (but at least once a day). In contrast to the tampon, no germs are introduced into the vagina. Then the menstrual briefs can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and used again. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves you money.

The downside of menstrual underpants

For all women who prefer tampons, the special underpants will be nothing, after all, one has probably decided against using bandages for a good reason. The feeling of "just running" makes many women resist. Presumably, it is also the thought of being smeared in the step with blood that scares off.
Who has heavy bleeding, must probably change the panties more often. But none of us actually feel like moving with the change underpants in the office toilet, then to exchange these and - which is most unpleasant - the used menstrual underpants again somehow to the desk (and into the handbag, extra bag or where to go with it ?!).

Flowers are pink, these are blue, #springintocolor, you know you want to! // @spring link in bio

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Conclusion: The menstrual pants is a good thing for women who have already renounced the tampon anyway. Their use protects the environment and prevents infections caused by introduced bacteria. Thumbs up for that! Unfortunately, you still have to come up with a master plan for the implementation in practice, after all, you do not want all the colleagues to know that the strawberry week started with you. And to be honest, for us personally, the tampon continues to be the best way to feel clean and comfortable during the day.

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