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British table decoration with paper rosette

1 hour

  • Roll of gift paper (70 cm wide, 2 m long) or a DIN A0 sheet gift wrap in dark blue
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (eg
      from Tesa)
    • Piece of cardboard, about 8 x 8 cm in size
    • Glue stick (eg from Pritt)
    • Motif of the Queen or another member of the English royal family
    • Bias binding in green (department store, textile department)
    • Post bracket
    • needle and thread
    • scissors
    • pinking shears

    1. Cut a 7 x 70 cm strip of wrapping paper.

    2. Fold in the zigzag fold widthwise.

    3. Stick together with double-sided adhesive tape to the rosette.

    4. Use the pinking shears to cut a 7 cm diameter circle out of the wrapping paper. For reinforcement, first glue to cardboard.

    5. Also cut out a picture of the Queen and stick it on the circle.

    6. Using a wide piece of double-sided adhesive tape, place the motif centered on the rosette.

    7. Approx. Cut off 30 cm bias binding. At one end, cut the corners to a point.

    8. Put the upper end to the loop and fix it with a post clamp.

    9. Fix the bias binding with needle and thread from below slightly on the rosette.