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BlondingPravana Blond Wand: With this device, your hair will be blond immediately

The Blonde Wand of Pravana promises to bleach your hair in seconds. Does the Blondierung really work?

With this device, you can simply bleach your hair
Photo: Pravana

You always wanted to be blonde, but you just do not feel like sitting around at the hairdresser? Then this Pravana device is your thing. Pravana describes his device with these words: "The best thing that can happen to you while blonding", but can that be correct? Allegedly, Blonde Wand should make your hair brighter in seconds by up to seven shades. Comparable devices take much longer.

This is how Blonde Wall of Pravana works

The device works with a whitening cream, heat and light. For this purpose, the cream is applied to the hair and packed in slides. Then you pull the device like a straightening iron over the foil strands. The heat reacts with the whitening cream. This principle is not new. Many hairdressers work with heat to make bleaching faster. What is new is that the device works so fast. This should be much gentler on the hair.

A video posted by #PRAVANA (@pravana) on Oct 10, 2016 at 13:32

In the video from Provana, a graph shows that a 40-minute treatment with bleaching damages hair much more than the short treatment with the Blonde Wand. Even experts are to scorn that this kind of bleaching is much gentler.

A photo posted by #PRAVANA (@pravana) on Aug 26, 2016 at 8:32 pm

Nevertheless, there are also critical voices that question whether Blonde Wand is really as innovative and gentle as we should be made white. Because: In the end, the same chemical reaction happens in the hair that would take place without the device. Even worse: if used incorrectly, the device can even get very hot and damage the hair even more.

And this is what the finished result looks like

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