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Black Tie: styling tips for the dress code

This embroidered, floor-length dress would be a hit with the dress code "Black Tie".
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Plus: Floor-length dresses and great accessories for re-styling

On the invitation you are asked to show up in the "Black Tie"? No panic! We decode the most common dress codes, making it easy to step onto any dance floor.

Black Tie : You should wear a floor-length, narrow-cut dress, which may well be colored. For the dress code " Black Tie " a pantsuit would be okay, but in any case, high heels are part of both outfits.

White Tie : Time for a voluminous, opulent evening dress! Festive, floor-length robes are ideal here. High shoes and high hair are required.

Cocktail : Ideal here is the little black girl. A knee-length, figure-hugging dress with a discreet décolleté.

Smart Casual : A relaxed, yet chic outfit is required. Costumes and suits can be worn here instead of blouse with a T-shirt. Combinations like skirt + fine wool sweaters are just as allowed as flat shoes.

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