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"Big Brother": Was Jasmine a porn star?

Jasmine is said to have played in front of "Big Brother" in a porn



Money! That's the main reason why you join Big Brother. Or you're in a hurry and love the attention. No wonder that one or the other container residents have already tried on dubious business ideas to earn coal. Apparently Jasmin is one of them too! The blonde had been voted out of the house a week and a half ago. Now there are rumors that she has lurked in front of a camera in front of her walk into the "Big Brother" house. Yüksel D., the man she allegedly filmed, is no stranger. Already Gina-Lisa Lohfink landed in front of his lens and then on a porno website.Has Jasmin really played in a porno? There is indeed a video titled "Jasmin horny in the cellar", but whether that in front of the camera really the " Big Brother "-Blondine is could not be clarified yet. Yüksel could be seen in her video for "Big Brother" - that is, the two know each other in any case. But we think that is far from being porn proof. Let's see what Jasmin says about the rumors!

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