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BeBeautiful: Bold photos of woman with weight


So nude pictures have changed the life of Denise Jolly

BeBautiful: Californian Denise Jolly wants to redefine beauty with nude photos of her voluptuous body.

"Oh my God! I've just spent 30 days taking pictures of my 140-kilo naked body and posting them publicly on the internet! Every day I tried to learn that he is beautiful the way he is. And do you know what I found out? I am really beautiful and strong! "

Californian Denise Jolly wanted to redefine beauty. It was, she reports on her blog, as if she had a date with her body every day. Every day she discovered a new, beautiful part of him, photographed him in many places in various poses, often decorated with the words " Be Beautiful " on her bare skin.

Many people find the pictures beautiful

Denise Jolly had not considered her big body worth a lifetime. But then, a year ago, she discovered a project by two voluptuous women celebrating their bodies with nude photos. It clicked, she started with her photos. The starting signal for the BeBeautiful project, for which she received a lot of encouragement from the expanse of the Internet.

Nude photo of Madonna readjusted

The culmination of the action was the nude shoot in Brooklyn, where Denise Jolly imitated the famous recording of Madonna, which was published in 1992 in her book "Sex" and caused a worldwide sensation, in her own way: completely naked, only on her feet black peep-toes and a black purse in hand.

Bold action for more acceptance

What is beautiful? Is the slender body of Madonna more beautiful than the voluminous one of Denise Jolly? It is undoubtedly in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, the action is incredibly brave and every beautiful image of Denise is a little nudge for all those people who do not like their bodies, do not want to see him and do not want to show because he supposedly has too many blemishes.

Denise Jolly is not alone

With the desire to change the ideal of human beauty, Denise Jolly is not alone: ​​the Australian Taryn Brumfitt with her Embrace documentary and the German writer Paula Lambert have created a lot of excitement with her self-love film.