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In touch with the cloths trend

Dolce & Gabanna makes a foulard comeback

Head wipes are "in fashion" again and this spring / summer the trend racer! If you think of Widow Bolte or Captain Sparrow now, you're totally wrong. Because the new scarves in vintage look transform us quickly, back in Grace Kelly.

For optimal Capri flair fold the cloth narrow and knot it at the back of the head. A real upgrade are the colorful Carrés for sporty, simple outfits. Shopping Tip: Check the flea markets for vintage cloths! Or look in our gallery (see below) for a neat piece.

Three simple styling rules for the cloths trend :

NEVER MAKE: tie a bandana around your forehead like one of the Hells Angels.

IMPERATIVE: invest in a real silk scarf. The label "100 percent polyester" and Grazie get along poorly.

DO NOT FORGET: If you want to swaddle your foulard around your neck, a silk model has more chic than any other laces around your throat.

What does "foulard" actually mean? More in our fashion dictionary: Foulard is French and means translated simply cloth. Typical for foulards is the square shape, a thin silk material and a colorful print. The noble scarves in India have their origin, in spring / summer 2013 they wear fashion fans as a hair accessory.