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5 ways to wear a scarf

Autumn time is Schalzeit: Finally we can and again in thick shawls einmummeln. Super comfortable! If you would like to combine a scarf in a different way and make a completely new garment out of it, then we have 5 styling tips for you! And they cheat you too slim.

There are many ways to wear a scarf
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  1. As a vest
  2. As Figurschmeichler
  3. As a tie
  4. As a highlight
  5. As a turtleneck

As a vest

Combine your scarf with a belt and wear it as a vest. The best way to do that is to wear a scarf that is a bit larger. If you put it around your shoulders and tie it at the waist with a belt, you have a great DIY vest.

As Figurschmeichler

You're a bit fuller around the hips? Then wear a big scarf as a figure-flatterer. Large patterns and lightweight fabrics are perfect for chugging away a few extra pounds. Just loose over a plain colored top and finished is the cheat scarf.

As a tie

You have a thin scarf in the closet? Then just use him tie? Simply knot on top and let the rest hang down and every simple top is already spiced up. The same applies to a loop. With a thin scarf you can also tie a bow and create a noble and special look.

As a highlight

You think your top is boring? Then take a striking scarf. He enhances a boring shirt or a blouse.

As a turtleneck

You love turtleneck sweaters? Then take a scarf in the color of your top and tie in a little tighter. So the whole look looks like you have a turtleneck sweater on.