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25 spring dresses under 25 euros

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We attract spring

Bargain hunters watch out! Even if the temperatures are still low, we can already shop for fresh spring dresses - and at reasonable prices.

Our motto: Ciao, winter gray! Inwardly, of course, we long for the sun and warm temperatures after the long winter. Finally wear airy things again, that would be it now! But a look outside reveals: T-shirt weather is far from that ...

But we will not let that spoil the good mood. In order to increase our anticipation of the spring a little, we looked around in the online shops. Our favorites for 2015 : Delicate floral patterns and colors, from delicate pastel to bright gaudy. The great thing: Combined with cardigan and tights, the spring dresses can be worn in cool weather. An investment that does not have to wait long for its appearance. Here are 25 models that look not only springlike, but also protect our wallet, because all parts are available for less than 25 euros .

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