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We support the heroes of everyday life

Christian Kipper, Managing Director German TV Lottery

Doing good together

Why the German TV Lottery is now a partner of our "hero" action, explains her boss.

Helping those who need support - that's what the German TV Lottery spells out. Founded in 1956 as the "ARD television lottery", today it is one of the largest social lotteries in Germany. With 1.7 billion euros, it has so far supported 7, 300 social institutions. Now she is partner of a look action "hero of everyday life".

Why this fits so well, explains Christian Kipper, Managing Director of the German Television Lottery.

at a glance: what connects your lottery and our campaign?

Christian Kipper: Your editorial staff honors people who work for others. This social idea ultimately also carries the TV lottery. With each buyout our teammates ensure that others can be helped.

Finish the phrase "My heroes of everyday life are ..."

... people who openly see to the left and right! And stand in solidarity with their fellow human beings. That's a good example. And this is known to be the best teacher for others.

Who supports your lottery?

In principle, every non-profit institution for people in health or social need in Germany. You have to make an application, which is examined by our foundation Deutsches Hilfswerk.

Many remember their beautiful slogan "A place in the sun". How did it come about?

In its beginnings, the TV Lottery sent children from war-torn Berlin to rest. For a carefree everyday life, just a "place in the sun". Today we support holiday camps for children from socially disadvantaged families.

Currently, your motto is "Power more than happy". Can happiness be increased at all?

Yes, where the needy are helped. The knowledge of allowing others to share in their happiness indirectly sets the icing on the cake.

Speaking of profit: How does the German TV Lottery actually split its revenue?

About 50 percent are spent on charity and community, at least 30 percent are profit distribution, the remainder flows into administration, advertising and personnel costs.

Are TV lottery employees allowed to play as well?

Of course, every ticket sale does good. It is pulled - by wheel of fortune - under notarial supervision.

And if you yourself would win the million ...

... I would stay on the ground and secure a good pension for my family - the most important thing today!

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