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Important Video: We can be the generation that quits smoking

We can be the generation that ends smoking. We can be the generation that quits smoking.

We have the power to ban cigarettes from our world

The American Legacy Foundation is sending a video through the net, which makes anti-smoking sentiment, with the campaign TheTruth.

The fight is not over yet. People are still smoking . They still fill their lungs with toxic smoke. Thrombosis clogs veins, heart and lungs collapse, cancer begins to proliferate.

There are still so many people dying so much sooner than necessary because they can not get away from the dangerous smoldering stakes.

The message of this video by thetruth : Let's show it to the tobacco industry. We have the power. We have the creativity. It is in our hands.

We can be the generation that quits smoking.

Most importantly, the makers of the American Legacy Foundation are not about criticizing smokers . It's all about finding ways to do things that are fun and creative, something no generation has ever done before: banning cigarettes from our world. Let's do it. For us.

The day for our revolution: # FinishIT .

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