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Sew tunic dress - with free sewing instructions

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The classic for warm days

Whether silk or light cotton. The tunic is the perfect all-rounder. And best of all, it is easy to sew.

The tunic dress is the ideal companion for warm days. Are you planning a vacation? Then there is still time to sew your favorite piece of clothing yourself. How this works, we reveal in our sewing instructions .

Sewing a tunic dress - that's how it works

Size 36 - 40 and 42 - 46. Tunic length approx. 95 cm. The cut is the same for both sizes. For size 42 - 46, however, calculate 12 cm more Smokband.


Sewing pattern paper with centimeter division, 200 cm patterned viscose 140 cm wide (eg "Blouse Delphi 2", Art. 37_8164_518, approx. 11 € / m via, 135 or 150 cm elastic pleat drawstring (resp. Smokband, haberdashery) about 5 - 6 cm wide, 80 cm folded satin diagonal stripes, matching sewing threads.

Create a cut

Transfer dimensions to a grid paper according to the scheme. The marking for the smokband also transferred.

cut out

Place the cut parts according to the cutting plan: Front and back part in the break. Shoulder and outer edges with 2 cm seam allowance all around, cut the cutout with 0.7 cm seam allowance. Mark the position of the smokband on the left side.


Close the shoulder seams and sew over. Iron the edges (but not the neckline) around 2 cm, fold in another 1 cm and stitch up the hem all around. Grasp the neckline with the satin bias strip. Start in the center front and fold the already folded band halfway around the cut edge and pin. Once the exact length has been determined, loosen the bias band at the front center again, place both ends of the band right to right and preshap the top from the left side with small lockstitches, cut the seam allowance to 0.5 cm and at the top add to cut to the stitching line (see sketch). Staple the ribbon to the neckline, then quilt up to a narrow edge.


Work very carefully and then attach the bias binding first, then the satin ribbon on the front and back is certainly detected when quilting. Stitch the fold tape between the drawstrings to the left side of the front and back. Start densely next to the two outer threads and quilt at least twice between the other threads. For very soft fabrics, quilt the tape in all spaces. Pull out the drawstrings on both sides 1 cm in front of the cut edge and knot them on one side. Now all threads from the other side evenly crimp to the desired width = 1/2 under bust. Knot the threads together well. Pin together the front and back pieces on the smock band exactly to the left and stitch together both pieces with a rectangle about 5-6 cm high and about 1.5-2 cm wide. As a result, the Smokbandenden and the nodes are interlocked in the rectangle and sewn in addition. This connection holds the front and back together, there is no other seam.

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