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Essential oils relieve many ailments

Important: Only buy 100% pure natural essential oils (health food) for aromatherapy.
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Instead of medication

Our sense of smell is surprisingly complex. Researchers are increasingly understanding how it works. The newest realization: Smelling, feeling, thinking and acting are much closer together than previously thought. Scientists at the Ruhr University Bochum have discovered that our brain can identify fragrances with the help of receptors. They then act in two ways: Fragrance molecules enter the bloodstream via respiration and skin and unfold their effect there. Other scents act like drugs in the brain. An overview of which essential oils can be used for which complaints .

Peppermint The essential oil helps especially with headaches and migraines and even better than some painkillers, as studies have shown. Simply apply a few drops on the neck, temple or forehead, depending on the condition, and then rub in lightly. These home remedies also work against headaches.

Laurel Ideal for those who have to deal with blood pressure fluctuations or racing heart rate . It is best to put a few drops of the essential oil from the pharmacy or drugstore in a fragrance lamp or a water bowl.

Vanilla The spice vanilla relaxes muscles and mind by releasing happiness hormones in humans. A few drops massaged into the aching areas, works wonders.

Fennel Add two drops of the essential oil in warm water and soak a cloth in it. This then placed like a wrap on the stomach, relieves stomach and intestinal problems .

Frankincense The essential oil helps with inflammation, especially of the gums. For dabbing, mix one drop of frankincense oil with ten milliliters of St. John's wort oil as a base.

Kajeput The essential oil made from its leaves has a pleasantly refreshing effect and helps very well with colds and when you are heavily clogged up. It is best to put a few drops in a bowl of steaming water and inhale deeply through the nose.