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Bedroom with high ceiling

Photo: Living idea

Before, afterwards

If the ceilings are too high, you can make it really comfortable without much effort.

The room is now a room in which one likes to stay during the day. The colors play an important role in this: warm berry tones that, together with the snow-white bed with upholstered head, give a touch of elegance. But even the high ceiling seems not far away now, so you do not feel so lost. This succeeded with a simple trick: The ceiling was papered dark and hung a large, bright sail - already moves the "sky" optically closer. Practically, this construction is also: behind the slightly transparent fabric sail, lamps hide, which creates a moody indirect lighting.

Pretty bed neighbor

Bedside tables all look the same? Then take a look here: The white side table makes a great figure next to the bed, offers a large storage area and yet looks very light!

High cuddle factor

Eggplant, purple, light beige, dotted or striped: bed linen in the most beautiful tones and a cheerful pattern mix as well as many pillows are an absolute must for a Sunday in bed.

Our tip:

You can also provide an existing bed later with a padded headboard: Cut the chipboard to the desired size, cover it with upholstery and then stretch fabric over it.

Attractive Gap

The narrow wall between the windows is ideally used with a dresser that attracts attention with its mix of cherry and walnut colored surfaces.

Manufacturer: Wallpaper "Trend casual", deco fabric "Bird blossom", both Rasch Textil. Bed "Versailles", 140 x 200 cm, from about 1950 Euro: Machalke. Bedspread "Astrakan", bed linen "Tanja Brodyr", pink pillow "Slumra", picture, frame, postcard Ikea. Violet pillow Britta Kuch. Glass vases Props. Side table "Mosspink", 85 x 74 x 43 cm, approx. 720 Euro: Brühl & Sippold. Wall lights "Cotton A", about 220 Euro: Marset, about design from Spain. Carpet "Fabula", about 85 euros / sqm: Vorwerk. Bed linen "Tanja Brodyr" in beige and aubergine, bed linen "Andrea", striped: Ikea. Purple bed linen with small dots, dark purple pillow with dots: Sunday in Bed. Commode collection "Giotto", "E 5181", 135 x 61 x 42 cm, c. 790 Euro: Selva. Glass vase Props. Shell Kose, about living design Hansch. Glass The laundry (as of 02/10)