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Princess Sophie & Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia: Yes! We get a baby!

The two expectant parents Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia and Princess Sophie are overjoyed.
Photo: imago / Raimund Müller

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Now it's out: Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia (36) and his Sophie (34) are parents! "Yes, it is true, the joy is huge, " said Michaela Blankart, Head of the General Administration of the House of Hohenzollern.

Thirteen months after the wonderful wedding in the Potsdam Peace Church, the Prince and Queen are in joyful anticipation of a baby . It was rumored already weeks ago that announces itself with the two offspring. Now it is official. In February it should be ready. This revealed great-uncle Franz Friedrich of Prussia the "Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung".

Prince George, great-great-grandson of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II and head of the House of Hohenzollern may now look forward to an heir. Whether a daughter could take over the Hohenzollers' legacy, Grand Uncle Franz Friedrich commented: "If Georg said: 'My successor is our daughter!' - who would want to contradict him then? He is the boss of the house and he is the one who can change the law of the house. "

So Princess Sophie can prepare very relaxed for the birth of the child. In the Spanish royal family, the birth of two daughters made for some excitement and gave Princess Letizia (40) so some worries. Only since a female succession to the throne is considered, the princess seems to have taken the stress of the Crown Princess's burden.

In the House of Hohenzollern it will probably not come to discussions. Prince George is known as a family man. Touched one remembers the moment when he led his mother Donata (62) and his disabled sister Cornelie-Cécile (34) in the church at his wedding. He will take care of his pregnant wife Sophie and the baby as well. Both are in the best hands with him.