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Prince Naruhito: Concert with Tsunami Crisis

Prince Naruhito tapped in the orchestra of his university for the victims of the earthquake.
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Driftwood violin

It was a tragedy that was deeply rooted in the memory of the Japanese: the big earthquake and the 2011 tsunami that followed. As the world marvels at new headlines, the Japanese still struggle to return to everyday life in the affected areas, fight to build a new life.

The Japanese imperial family knows that too. The compassion is great and Emperor Akihito (79) and his wife Michiko (78) are always present when it comes to remembering Fukushima.

But Crown Prince Naruhito is also very committed when it comes to the 2011 tragedy. Now he reminded the victims with a very special action: at a concert in his former university in Tokyo he played Schubert's "Symphony in B Minor" on a driftwood and tsunami violin .

The violin comes from the artist Muneyuki Nakazawa and is part of a relief project for the victims of the great catastrophe. The Emperor and his wife, as well as Naruhito's wife Masako (49) were also present when the Crown Prince played Schubert's "unfinished".

Musician Yuriko Kuronuma, who also plays one of the violins on the aid project, said, according to the Japan Daily Press, that it would be a "soul-shaking sound" that these special violins would produce.

The memories that evoke this symbol of suffering strike the Japanese in the heart. And Naruhito has set with his action a sign that the victims of the disaster are not forgotten even two years later ...