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Lavender: table decoration in blue and purple

  • Tablecloths in 2 colors
  • lavender wreath
  • 2 ceramic bowls
  • lavender pots
  • dried lavender tufts
  • Small wire lanterns
  • Wire grinding.
  • Put lemons
  • purple drawstring
  • Transparent Letterhead
  • purple handmade paper letterhead

That's how it works:

Table decoration:


Tablecloths in 2 colors that fold one to the scarf and lay across the table.

2. Then place iron bed frames as decorative coasters on the center scarf.

3. Place a lavender ring in the center, place lavender pots in 2 ceramic bowls and frame with dried lavender tufts.

4. Hang a curtain rod (Karstadt) across the table in the trees. Fix small wire lanterns with wire, possibly grinding.


1. Place a lemon in the napkin and tie it to a bag with purple drawstring.

2. Print menu sequence on a soft blue transparent letterhead with a PC or write by hand, roll it into a purple handmade paper and tie it to the bag.

3. Write the name on a small deco lemon.