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Queen Silvia was turned down in the restaurant

Queen Silvia was turned down in the restaurant
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No room for the queen

A joke in all media: Queen Silvia of Sweden were not recognized in a middle-class restaurant in Ladenburg near Heidelberg and dismissed, because the place was totally full. The landlady recommended the friendly, polite and humble couple instead a nearby pizzeria.

This unbelievably sounding and at the same time curious incident spontaneously raises two questions: Firstly - do you have to know or recognize Queen Silvia of Sweden as a German in Germany? Secondly - do you have to clear such a prominent couple a place to dine, even if partout no more space is free? Both questions can be denied confidently. We are convinced Republicans, and many, indeed, as the hostess has excused herself, have not had time to look constantly into the colorful pages to internalize kings from other countries. That extra sausages for celebrities are generally frowned upon in the people, is therefore only marginally mentioned. So far, so good, if - yes, if there were not the importance of image and advertising. One knows in host circles: After the meal guestbook and digital camera are used. The photo then lands Pflugs at the local indicator and then in the "world press". No one can wish for a better advertisement. Therefore, the restaurant owners, as one of them frankly acquainted journalists, but now probably the "idiots in Ladenburg". The Italians, on the other hand, are happy. Thanks to Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf, their Ristorante e am Marktplatz is now on everyone's lips - their pizzas probably also ...

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