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GNTM 2014: The 6 best profiles on the Internet

GNTM 2014: The models in the net

The girls of "Germany's Next Top Model" have recognized the signs of the times and are really active in social networks this year. Lisa and Sainabou now even have their own YouTube channel and the others are also involved.

GNTM 2014
Photo: Lisa / Instagram, Karlin / Instagram, Samantha / Instagram, Stefanie Giesinger / Instagram, Nathalie Volk / Instagram
  1. GNTM 2014: Lisa
  2. GNTM 2014: Sainabou
  3. GNTM 2014: Karlin
  4. GNTM 2014: Nathalie
  5. GNTM 2014: Stefanie
  6. GNTM 2014: Samantha
We searched and compiled the 6 best profiles on the net - GNTM 2014 close up!

GNTM 2014: Lisa

Great news for all fans: Lisa now has a YouTube channel. She wants to answer questions about GNTM and her private life, wants to thank all those who support her, and talks a little bit out of the box.

All candidates of GNTM 2014 in the gallery:

How did she come to "Germany's Next Top Model"? Short or long - how do you like the hair best? What is she thinking about her former BFF Nathalie? And how did she get to know her friend? Also on Facebook and Instagram, the blonde model is doing well, entertains her fans with Anekdötchen from their lives and great photos: from the GNTM shootings, behind the scenes and from their everyday lives. The three addresses are worthwhile for anyone who can not get enough of Lisa:

Lisa GNTM 2014: YouTube Lisa GNTM 2014: Instagram Lisa GNTM 2014: Facebook

GNTM 2014: Sainabou

Sainabou has also decided to do something really good for her fans - also with her own YouTube channel. There she kidnaps all users in "Sainabous World", so the name of the channel. And, in fact, anyone who is interested will get a glimpse into the small world of Sainabou via video or on Instagram and Facebook:

Sainabou GNTM 2014: YouTube Sainabou GNTM 2014: Instagram Sainabou GNTM 2014: Facebook

GNTM 2014: Karlin

There is also a lot to see on the Instagram page of Karlin. With regard to her likes on Facebook, the striking beauty of Lisa can not keep up, but she also provides her followers with pretty pictures. Alone for her impressive headgear creativity, it's worth checking out with Karlin and getting inspired by her cool style. Oh yes: Aminata also appears in her profiles on photos.

Karlin GNTM 2014: Instagram Karlin GNTM 2014: Facebook

GNTM 2014: Nathalie

Nathalie would not be Nathalie if she did not attract attention in social networks as well. On Facebook and Instagram she posts diligently mixed: flashbacks from the GNTM casting, the beautiful products of her photo shoots, shots from the school, her dog, her best friend ... And the concept works: the likes are for Nathalie Volk numerous and through the personal insights into her life, the candidate, who always wants to perform perfectly, is much more sympathetic. Great to get to know you a little better!

Nathalie GNTM 2014: Instagram Nathalie GNTM 2014: Facebook

GNTM 2014: Stefanie

An old hand on Instagram is Stefanie Giesinger. Until 2011, her profile can be traced back. All fans of pretty brunettes get their money's worth, immerse themselves in childhood memories, family photos, pets, parents as well as the most beautiful outfits of the stylish contestant admire. Have lots of fun with it! And: by the way, there is also an official Facebook account by the way.

Stefanie GNTM 2014: Instagram Stefanie GNTM 2014: Facebook

GNTM 2014: Samantha

Samantha is also on Instagram as well as on YouTube. Numerous photos, starting in 2013, has already been uploaded by the long-haired beauty. Delicious ice cream, faxing behind the GNTM scenes and always, over and over again: these hairs !!!!!! If you could only watch pictures of this splendor for hours, from the front, from the side, from the back, you will have fun here. On YouTube, Samantha also answers questions, about her high school diploma, on castings and (always), always to her hair.

Samantha GNTM 2014: YouTube Samantha GNTM 2014: Instagram Samantha GNTM 2014: Facebook

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