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Daring lingerie make you want more

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The lingerie trends in winter

When it gets colder outside, hot lingerie provides warmth. The trends of the coming season can look deeply.

With the onset of winter, thick sweaters, warm jackets and scarves are used again. Even though you can conveniently hide a few pounds under the voluminous garments, the cozy fashion makes you want to dress up "down the drain." How good that designers and fashion designers bring new lingerie on time in time for winter. which you should not miss in the coming months.

An absolute must-have this winter is a piece of clothing that has not been seen in the closets for a long time: the body is celebrating its comeback . Somewhat modernized, it also comes in the current season as a neckholder with delicate ribbons, explains trend scout Denise Med. In addition to the body-shaping body, functional underwear is still an issue. Such as waist slips that provide a flat stomach and flatter the waist. These little figure-shapers are not only available in the nude look à la Bridget Jones, but now also in bright colors like pink.

In terms of color, the lingerie has a lot to offer in the coming winter. Particularly trendy are the materials with a metallic sheen, says Denise Med. Tin, gold and silver tones shimmer gently on the skin and make it shine. But berry tones and gemstone colors such as sapphire blue, emerald green and ruby ​​red determine the color image in the coming winter. These put larger cups in the scene and also flatter small cup sizes. In addition to the plain colors, the designers also put on a playful color mix in their lingerie collections. The lace and satin edges on the bras and panties in a different color from the rest of the fabric are lifted. For example, ruby ​​red lingerie with black lace will surely charm any man.

For the materials, transparent tulle is a big topic, says Denise Med. But again, there is a lot of excitement at play here . It is often combined with tulle and serves as an ornament. The fashion designers prefer to use Chantilly or Leavers lace. The lingerie from India has a strong fashion influence. According to fashion expert Med, the Indian paisley embroidery is very popular this winter. They are either hand embroidered or high quality machine embroidery.

Another comeback celebrating the cuts and patterns of the 50s. The corsets of that time, however, look deeper today. A transparent approach and lace cups make you want more. Particularly extravagant are models with two or three fine ribbons that run under the cups. "This has happened before - only the laundry is daring now than in the 50s, " says the trend scout.

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