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Dried flowers staged 6 times differently

Photo: deco & style

We decorate our home

Whether on the wall, as a gift or pretty paperweight - we stage dried flowers brand new.

You need it for the photos with dried flowers

  • Dried flowers (vetch, poppy, Cosmea, cartilage)
  • Photos in DIN A4
  • Picture frame with passepartout
  • glue stick

It's that easy:

1.Press several flowers.

2. Print black and white pictures in DIN A4. Open the frame and glue the print behind the mat.

3. Carefully brush the pressed flowers with a glue stick and stick to the photos.

4. Reassemble the frame.

You need this for the dried flowers behind glass:

  • Flowers such as larkspur, cartilaginous, Cosmea, dill and yarrow
  • Gläserz. B. from old picture frames
  • Letter Clamps (Office Supplies)
  • Books for pressing / drying the flowers

It's that easy:

1. Press flowers.

2. Take the glasses from the picture frames and put the pressed flowers in between, holding them together with a clamp.

You need it for the dried flowers in glasses

  • Strawflowers (Helichrysumadenocarpum)
  • honesty
  • globe thistle
  • Mohnkapseln
  • Various glass jars with corks

It's that easy:

1. Dry the plants hanging overhead.

2. Fill in the glass jars and seal with a cork.

You need this for the dried flowers on wood

  • fern
  • daisy
  • Bellis
  • Mohnkapseln
  • dill
  • Nigella
  • Spray paint in gold
  • White handmade paper
  • All Purpose Adhesive
  • wooden board
  • Books for pressing
  • Paper for the work surface
  • scissors

It's that easy:

1. Press flowers and leaves.

2. Spray partly in gold, covering the part that should not be painted with a cardboard. Let the paint dry.

3. Cut the handmade paper into rectangles and stick on the dried flowers.

4. Stick paper to the board.

You need this for the gifts deco

  • Dried, pressed flowers (eg Nigella, gypsophila)
  • Copier for the flower copy
  • printer paper
  • gift
  • greaseproof paper
  • cord
  • Books for pressing
  • Scissors possibly adhesive strips

It's that easy:

1. Dry and press flowers.

2. Copy the dried and pressed flowers onto paper.

3. wrap gift with it. Then wrap with the parchment paper.

4. Wrap the cord several times around the present, knot it and insert different flowers.

What you need for the paperweight:

  • Negative mold (eg muffin or pudding mold made of silicone)
  • Mold release agent (eg from
  • Polyester casting resin with hardener (eg from
  • waterproof pen
  • dried poppy capsules
  • Wet sandpaper, fine grain (hardware store)
  • patterned paper (craft shop)
  • All-purpose adhesive (transparent)
  • measuring cup
  • Wooden skewer for stirring
  • scissors

It's that easy:

1. Coat the negative mold with the mold release agent and allow to dry for 10 minutes.

2. Measure out 50 ml of water and pour into the lid of the cast resin box. Mark the filling level with a waterproof pen. Pour out water and pour in the casting resin to the mark. Stir in 12 drops of hardener well. Put the mixture in the mold. Now add the poppy capsules and let the mixture harden for about 30-90 minutes.

3. Mix a second portion of casting resin as in Step 2 and pour on. 4. Allow one day to harden well, then press the object out of the mold. Rinse under running water and smooth edges with wet sanding paper.

5. Place blank on patterned paper, transfer the dimensions of the base with a pencil and cut out.

6. Stick the paper blank with the transparently drying all-purpose adhesive flat over the base of the cast resin blank.

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