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Healthy le: This trio is unbeatable

Olive oil provides the healthy monounsaturated oleic acid
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You probably have two of them at home. Just grab the third one. Then you have a valuable mix - for prescriptions that every doctor would recommend.

Rapeseed oil protects the vessels

Nutritionists call it liquid gold: rapeseed oil provides simple and polyunsaturated fatty acids in an ideal combination. These substances make up the healthy fat that our body needs to stay healthy.

Rapeseed oil contains 9% alpha-linolenic acid.

This polyunsaturated fatty acid lowers cholesterol and harmful fats in the blood, keeping it thin. And it works very well against inflammation. Together, this protects the veins from calcification, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

And that's not even the only protection against heart attack. Studies also show that alpha-linolenic acid from rapeseed oil lowers blood pressure.

This fabric is also good for the bones.

He ensures that bone is not excessively broken down. This protects us from osteoporosis. A tablespoon covers the daily requirement.

The nutty aroma of rapeseed oil goes well with salads.

Olive oil prevents cancer

Cold-pressed, raw olive oil of the highest quality is called on the label "extra virgin olive oil" or "extra virgin". It provides a great deal of very healthy monounsaturated oleic acid - plus 230 different antioxidants!

A Spanish study shows that antioxidants from olive oil lower the risk of breast and colon cancer.

Reason: They make cell walls more stable and less prone to free radicals. These harmful endogenous substances can alter cells and cause cancer. The researchers recommend 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily.

The oil is very digestible.

And it stimulates the bile flow. This helps especially with stomach problems such as feeling of fullness. Studies also show that olive oil can even heal stomach and intestinal ulcers better.

The fruity olive oil goes well with salads and summer snacks. When roasting, you should not heat it over 180 degrees.

Sunflower oil nourishes the skin

Even with sunflower oil you should make sure that it was not refined, so it was heated, but cold pressed.

This oil provides plenty of skin protection vitamin E.

It happens naturally in the skin. But it is consumed and should be constantly "replenished". Because it helps that the skin can constantly rebuild its protective barrier against bacteria, viruses and fungi. And vitamin E regulates the moisture balance of the skin.

In addition, the vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant: it makes pollutants from the air, such. As ozone, harmless, protects the skin cells from damage from UV rays from sunlight and also inhibits inflammation.

These effects are enhanced by linoleic acid.

And sunflower oil provides a lot of this stuff. Two tablespoons cover the daily requirement.

The oil also does the skin good from the outside.

Thin rubbing relieves eczema and itching, gives a lot of moisture.

Sunflower oil is mild, so it is very versatile and can be combined with other oils.

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