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Development AidHexenjunge "Hope": Outcast little boy is adopted and nursed

Three-year-old Hope from Nigeria was rejected by his parents because they considered him a witch. The little one almost starved, but then he was saved.

Hope, luckily, is much, much better today

Little Hope, despite his tender age of only three years, has already experienced a lot. A year ago, he was rejected by his parents because they considered him a "witch boy". For eight months, Hope wandered around the area alone, had to feed on waste and almost starved to death - but then found him the Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren .

Rescue at the last second

Anja Ringgren lived in Nigeria for several years when she came across Hope. Together with her team , she took Hope to the hospital and had him treated medically . Then the Dane took the little one with him, patted him up and adopted him. What happened next is bounded by a miracle: the completely malnourished, rejected and neglected child has given way to a self-assured little boy.

A photo posted by Anja Ringgren Lovén (@dinnoedhjaelp) on Oct 30, 2016 at 12:04

If you compare the good one-year-old photo that Hope shows shortly after he's rescued with a recent snapshot, you'll see immediately what love and affection are in a child . As the proud mother writes below Hope's latest picture, not only has Hope's life changed: her own life has also been richer since she took Hope.

We are glad that there are still people like Anja Ringgren and wish us many more happy snapshots of her and her son!

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