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These jeans smell of fruits!

The fragrance jeans with fragrance and very narrow leg are available on for 85 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

Do we really need the fragrance jeans?

Jeans that smell of strawberries, lemons or apples? Is there really! The Portuguese label Salsa now sells neon-colored fragrance denims in its online shop. And we ask ourselves: who just wants to get a taste of it?

The Nineties are back! In fashion, the often ridiculed decade is currently celebrating its comeback: dungarees, the grunge look, crop tops, spaghetti straps, turtlenecks - yes, they're all suddenly being reissued. And here comes an old acquaintance who is knocking on the wardrobe doors: the jeans that smells! The artificial smell that struck us in the 1990s on toys (this Barbie with coconut scent), crayons (someone still remembers the colorful gel sticks with a smell?) Or even clothes against it, will now tickle us again in the nose. Euphoria? Nostalgia? Sorry, none!

The Portuguese label Salsa brings the headache-promoting Klamotte now in his shop (online also available to Germany) and introduces the pants with five different fragrances. The neon-colored jeans with gradient comes in the snapping shades of blue (blueberry), pink (strawberry), yellow (lemon), green (apple) and orange (you can imagine it). Microcapsules in the fiber exude the scent even after up to 20 washes. Means: Even if the new jeans are thrown into the machine every three days, three months of fruit enjoyment remain. Uff!

The only downside, the online shop of Salsa has no scratch-and-smell feature. So here it says: Either all order - or just let it be the same.

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