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The best styling tips from plus-size fashion bloggers

Photo: Caterina / Megabambi
  1. These fashion bloggers show greatness
  2. Blogger Lisa Mosh
  3. Blogger Caterina
  4. Blogger Ela Zdera
  5. Shopping problems that every plus-size woman knows
  6. When plus-size women become swimsuits
  7. Dos and Don'ts in Plus Size Styling
  8. That's definitely ...
  9. Dear fingers away ...
  10. Trend alert!

These fashion bloggers show size

Round? So what! But sometimes it is difficult to style fashionable in large sizes. Stop it! We elicited her styling secrets from three plus-size bloggers.

Ela, Caterina and Lisa know what they are talking about. All three belong to the rigee of the German plus-size bloggers and write with much love, passion and fashion sense on their blogs - well - MODE! But you do not just give your readers styling tips for big names and the latest trends. No, they also encourage them to dare something beyond size 38. Reason enough to imagine the three times more accurate ...

Blogger Lisa Mosh

Blogger Lisa writes about big-size trends on the Lisa Mosh Plus-Size blog. The 27-year-old student of dentistry currently loves to implement trendy looks for her size. Lisa wears a 48/50 and likes to test out new parts, which at first glance do not seem to be the most advantageous ones for her figure. Brave, many may think now. But Lisa is at peace with her figure. In the interview she says: "There are three possibilities:
1. You do not love yourself the way you are, but you do not change yourself.
2. You do not love yourself as you are, but you change yourself or
3. You love yourself the way you are, with all the mistakes.
I opted for the latter a few years ago. I was sick of being unhappy and fashion can definitely help one's happiness. Also in big sizes. You can express your mood, disguise yourself or reinvent yourself. Fashion helps me immensely with my self-confidence. If I am well-dressed for myself, I will radiate it and other people will notice that. "

That's right, we think! And who says that plus-size girls look best only in black parts, with a lot of veiling fabric? Of course, completely nonsense. This is also what Cologneese Lisa sees. " I wear what I feel like, in which I feel good and often throw any fashion rules overboard. " Basically, there are no total no-gos for Lisa. "I even like wearing crop tops, but the feel-good area is completely individual." Everyone has to get to know each other for themselves.

Blogger Caterina

Caterina lives what she writes on her blog Megabambi. Because: She is not only a passionate blogger, but also a stylist and plus-size model at Curve Models. Fashion, beauty and styling are so absolutely in the blood. But not every woman with female curves has her instinct for looks. "With my outfit post, for example, I want to introduce readers to the fact that style can not only be done beyond clothing size 42, but can also be incredibly exciting (...). Fashion has nothing to do with a dress size, and above all the fun of it I would like to show that I am a fashionable person, "says the Berliner.

But even Caterina has days where she does not feel so comfortable in her skin. Then she tries to surround herself with sports, beautiful things and above all people with whom she feels good. " I do not think we should surround ourselves with people who do not like us the way we look, I know that's not easy in this day and age, when we're all supposed to look beautiful and young It helps to see the whole thing with a wink, because we will never reach the so-called ideal mass (...) I try to be nice to myself every day: I try to have good thoughts 'I make-up, style my hair and think about the current day look, that's fun and gives me self-confidence.'

Blogger Ela Zdera

Ela wants to inspire women with her beautiful outfits with her plus-size blog Conquore - The Fatshion Café. Her big dream: at some point to own a fashion botique with a small café. And because it takes a while, the 26-year-old is already building her goals in a virtual way on her blog. "On the one hand, I give tips on certain fashion topics, on the other hand, I want to make the whole thing in a relaxed way - as if you sit with your best friend in the cafe." And with friends you can discuss everything. For example, if you do not feel so great.

Ela also took a while to accept. "That's right, I love myself the way I am, but it took time and it has been a steady development, " said the Hernerin. Her advice to those who sometimes figure out with her character: "My recommendation is that you allow the thought to love yourself the way you are." Just start to discover something new every day, which is beautiful And give yourself and your body beautiful things: with care, with beautiful clothes and with beautiful moments. "

Shopping problems that every plus-size woman knows

Ela, Lisa and Caterina are familiar with fashion for big sizes. Everyone thinks that women should always wear what they feel most comfortable with. Of course, all three also know the difficulties that women with large clothing sizes have.

Caterina: "If I or any other plus-size women want to wear the trend of the coming season, we have a problem - we look for it in the stores for a long time or even in vain." Often the offer is for one or at most only two figure types but all are represented with at least four figure shapes.It annoys me that I often can not implement trends as I would like.I wish this changed. "

Blogger Lisa can also agree with Caterina: "Of course the biggest problem is the offer, and young, fresh fashion is rarely offered in large cities." But Lisa also has a tip for those who are constantly desperately looking for big names: "You should go to other stores and try out, because the cut is the nuts and bolts. The blouse can be in 44 and I fit anyway The dress at H & M in L? Fits! The jacket in 54? To the arms too tight, sometimes you meet surprises, but you have to look for it. "

Elsa's tip on where to buy plus-size sizes is "Online." Here, the choice is usually very large and available for a much wider range of sizes, serving different tastes. "

The only downside: The shopping experience is of course not available. But what should you do sometimes, if you just do not find a fancy dress in the store? So off the internet. The online favorites of our bloggers are by the way: Zizzi, Junarose, Mango Violeta, Forever21, Asos, Yoursclothing, Studio Untold and Carmakoma.

When plus-size women become swimsuits

In the online shops you can of course buy swimwear for plus-size women. Not every woman beyond size 42 is sure she wants to go to the beach at all. Total nonsense, we find and get us a few styling tips for the beach of real experts ...

Lisa: "I especially liked the high-waist bikinis in brightly colored colors, so if you want to be a bit more covered, you can try long fringed kimonos, which are still very trendy."

Caterina: "I prefer bathing suits because they make the figure beautiful and give it a certain hold, which I find really good are figure-shaping bathing suits, the spandex material should be noted on the label, the higher the number indicating the proportion, which is better, which is nice: if the swimsuit has a built-in wrap look, that draws the eye to the beautiful curves of our bodies. "

Those who prefer a little more veiled on the beach, should stick to Elas tips: "I personally love wearing magical maxi dresses and skirts made of airy fabrics on the beach!"

Dos and Don'ts in Plus Size Styling

Of course, every woman should wear exactly what she likes. But there are a few styling rules the plus-size girls can pay attention to, to put in a great scene - or from which they should rather keep their hands off. Ela, Lisa and Caterina know how it's done:

That's definitely ...

  • "Nice jeans, a white blouse and a trench coat, or a chic dress paired with accessories that relax the look - classics that suit every woman well."
  • "The base for a good outfit and the perfect look is well-fitting underwear. I prefer shaping underwear."
  • "Any plus-size woman is looking to invest in good accessories, shoes and bags that will enhance any look."

Dear fingers away ...

  • "Wrong sizes in the underwear choice! This is true for any woman, because the effects are usually not flattering."
  • "Any clothing that does not sit well, that is tight, too tight, or fabrics that sweat on your forehead as you look at it."
  • "I refrain from clothing, which covers my figure, because this usually gives me even more massive."

Trend alert!

So, and while we have now clarified what is possible and what is not, we prefer to devote ourselves quickly to a real FAVORITE THEME: the summer looks. Because, who does not know better what's announced in 2015, as a true fashion blogger ?!

Your summer it-piece is: ...

Caterina: "Definitely fringes! Whether on bags, shoes or on clothing, they make me happy and conceal - this is finally a trend that can be well transported into the plus-size segment."

Ela: "Dresses with graphic prints! In combination with black, white or in neon colors, these patterns stand out the most."

Lisa: "No matter what, main thing in the style of the 70's"

Well, summer can come! Psst! You can find more tips about fashion and styling in large sizes in our PLUS-SIZE-SPECIAL

(Photos: Lisa Mosh, Ela Zdera, Caterina, Ulla Popken (bathing suit, approx. 60 Euro), iStock (3))

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