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The 79-year-old paddy dances salsa - and how!

The 79-year-old Paddy and her dance partner Nico tore all of their stools with their dancing.
Photo: YouTube

Net highlight

We regularly find funny pictures, funny videos and lots of highlights on the World Wide Web! Today: The nearly 80-year-old Paddy rocks the floor of a British casting show!

Suppose a 79-year-old dances salsa and sweeps like a 25-year-old across the floor. Inconceivably? By no means - the dancer Paddy taught us in the last show of the talent show "Britain's Got Talent" a better!

At first, however, it does not look so good for her and her dance partner Nico . But the two also make a funny look when they step on the stage together: She: 79 years old, small with gray curls, little hat and red lipstick, he: tall and much younger.

The jury looks skeptical and first asks the question of what kind of relationship. "It's a business, " replies Paddy.

Giant surprise after a slow start

The appearance of the unequal pair does not seem to be very spectacular either. To slow tones, the two start to dance, the audience looks bored, one of the jurors yawns and shows after a few seconds by pressing the buzzer that he does not see the couple in the next round. Later he will apologize for that!

Because all of a sudden, the music gets faster and Paddy and Nico offer a salsa show that takes everyone off their chairs! The 79-year-old Paddy lets himself be whirled over the floor by Nico, swinging his legs high in the air, doing somersaults - surprise screams are heard from the audience and the jury opens its eyes in astonishment.

After the performance, there is no stopping : roaring applause and standing ovations. The jury pays their full respect to the dance-gifted paddy.

You must have seen that! Here is the breathtaking dance performance as a video!

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