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Christine Neubauer: Surprising reconciliation!

After embarrassing divorce war

When the love went, only anger, disappointment and a lot of reproaches remained. The separation of Christine Neubauer (49) and husband Lambert Dinzinger (55) became the scandal of the year and culminated in an unworthy divorce battle. Until now. For now there is finally the surprising reconciliation !

Last week, the deeply hurt actress shook hands with her husband. Christine Neubauer was smart enough to finally give in. "I do not want a war, " she said in tears. A request that did not go unheard. Because also Lambert Dinzinger is fed up with the mud fight. "I do not want a war!", He said now. "It's really important that we all sit together and clarify this." Yes, despite the accusations and blame, the couple are ready to forgive. Too important are 20 years of family happiness and son Lambert Jr. (19), who suffered most from the breakup. And no child deserves that the argument of the parents is carried on his back. Because there are simply no winners ... This also knows Lambert Dinzinger. After the offer of peace of his wife, he even goes a step further and find warm, almost loving words for the woman, who was once the love of his life: "I was 30 years on the side of a wonderful woman and I wish her all the best love "Says Lambert Dinzinger in a moving voice. And further: "I will not lose a bad word about her."

It seems that after the nasty quarrels, they manage to come together to divorce in peace. Because where once so much love was, so suddenly can not only be pure hatred ... And to the delight of Christine Neubauer is now also cleared the suspicion that her still-husband has an illegitimate child with another woman. Lambert Dinzinger had made a paternity test after the allegations became known. Result: It is not his child, he did not betray his wife. The reconciliation is successful. But is there more? It would not be the first time that two people come together after a serious crisis. That's the wish of everyone, son Lambert jr. most.

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