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Taylor Lautner defends Jacob's relationship with Renesmee

Taylor Lautner reveals savory details on Breaking Dawn Part 2

Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy

The countdown to the last part of "" is under way and now actors betrayed piquant details on the last part of the popular vampire saga. "Breaking Dawn" falls in love with Taylor's movie character "Jacob" in the little Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy) - daughter of Bella and Edward. The actor himself is totally embarrassed by this relationship with Renesmee - but Taylor also reveals that the strong connection between Jacob and Renesmee in the final part of the "Twilight" saga is not as strange as it seems: "Everyone thinks it's funny and I laugh, but it's important for me to keep in mind that it's just a lifetime commitment, "Taylor told the Entertainment Weekly magazine. "It's not as scary as anyone thinks." Robert Pattinson makes fun of Taylor Lautner "Edward" actor Robert Pattinson was even one of the first to make fun of the weird relationship! "Did you ask him if his woman's taste has changed?" Robert laughed. "The first scene I saw ... I literally could not stop laughing. I just was not able to stop. "More importantly, Taylor is totally happy that" Jacob "has finally gotten rid of New Vampire" Bella ":" I think the second part is so great because we have a new page from Jacob who has never been shown before, "says Taylor. "He always had one goal: to get together with Bella. But in this part he is just happy! The mood between the trio was very tense, but now there is a completely different relationship between them. "One thing is for sure: the last part of the popular vampire saga will be successful! "Breaking Dawn Part 2" is even nominated for seven (!) "Teen Choice Awards". HD

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