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Chantal of Greece: courage or fear?

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She travels in a special way

Instead of sinking comfortably in a first-class chair, Chantal of Greece, as a journalist of those days registered with a pointed pen, apparently travels more in a special way. She prefers to sit in the cockpit, looking over the pilot's shoulders and shoulders Finger...

If the multimillionaire is on the chartered private jet, that should not be a problem. She finally pays the aircraft. Only if it is booked in a scheduled jet, it sometimes requires some persuasion to be allowed to sit in the front. But most of the time Chantal manages to get that "extra sausage". As evidence, she recently posted a photo of herself in the pilot's cabin from a vacation flight.

Whether the wife of Crown Prince Pavlos (he would be heir to the throne in Greece, if the country, which, however, no one seriously now, should find back to the monarchy) now cultivates the fondness for this extravagance, because she is brave and wants to see exactly where the machine controls or, on the contrary, if she suffers from fear of flying and wants to be distracted by observing the pilots of it, she has yet to reveal her Internet fan base.