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Improve charisma: Which clothes make me beautiful?

What makes a woman attractive? Dress? Make up? Shoes?
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You want to attract everyone's attention today? With this trick, it also works with the charisma!

No matter if pants, skirt or dress: In your wardrobe you will find the clothes that support your charisma!

For their study, researchers from the Swedish Uppsala University photographed faces of 25 women. They first wore clothes that made them feel attractive, then some that made them feel unattractive and then clothes that made them feel good.

What clothes the women wore in which photo, was not visible in the photo. The researchers then had a group of 49 men evaluate the photos. The goal: to find out what enhances the charisma .

The result: The men found attractive photos in which the women wore the clothes in which they found themselves attractive. In other words, women's expressions reflect their feelings - and thus improve the women's charisma .

In addition, the researchers conclude that the signals emitted between men and women are the same: what defines women as attractive and radiates and transmits, also applies to men as such.

And: The self-image a woman has of herself is significantly influenced by her clothes. In other words, the prettier we feel in our outfit, the prettier we are - and radiate it!

"We have shown that there is a close connection between the external and the self-confidence, " the researchers write in their study results. "In addition, there is a connection between the self-assessment and the external perception of a person."

In plain language: If a woman feels attractive, she also radiates it to us - so much so that she is also perceived by men as more attractive!

PS: That not only pretty clothes, but also shoes influence us, is also proven! Accordingly, high shoes cause an upright posture - we seem more self-confident. Tip: Even if only your face for a (application) photo in front of the lens - grab high heels!

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