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Amy Winehouse gets sect fever

Will the singer join Scientology?

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Amy Winehouse / ©

And again, her fans and family are worried about Amy Winehouse. The scandal noodle has expressed interest in the pseudo-religion. Oh my, dear: drug abuse, a failed love life and now also Scientology? The curiosity of the soul tube comes probably from her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Winehouse seems to be interested in Scientology since the two of them got together again, "Since Amy knows that her sweetheart is a Scientologist, she wanted to find out more about the cult right now, " an insider tells. "She is so impressed with the lifestyle of her lover. Everything Blake says Amy believes him. "Well, that can become something. Amy Winehouse is so good-faith and if she mixes with the Scientologists, she will speak of aliens soon. And UFOs. And while mentally starring at Oprah Winfrey's sofa. Oh stop, that was Tom Cruise. "Since you are really worried, because Amy could indeed be brainwashed. And not to mention her father, who is so proud that his family believes in the Jewish religion. If Amy changes to Scientology, it will break his heart, "the insider continues. Always stay calm, yet the high-flyer has not joined the church. And who knows, maybe brainwashing Amy Winehouse would be a good thing. Less drugs, less makeup and the next album she sings about births without crying cramps, supi.Mehr star news can be found here: Stars and her style - on COSMO Online :