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Video: Lab dogs finally free!

His martyrdom is over!
Photo: YouTube / FreeBeagleProject

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This sight tears one's heart: a cute dog, locked up in a tiny cage somewhere in the state of Nevada. Here, the four-legged friends for years a bleak existence. Catching sticks, frolicking, playing with fellow species - he was never allowed to experience that. Because the Beagle is a laboratory animal, he never left the lab .

What was done to him? This is not clear to even his rescuers. The fact is: His sad eyes speak volumes! A sight that the activists of the "Free Beagle Project" could no longer stand. They have released nine dogs from their captivity - and are now celebrated on the net as real heroes. Rightly so!

The scenes in which their fluffy charges first see the light of day or feel fresh grass under their paws are certainly among the most touching things you've ever seen!