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It's good! 5 reasons why yoga is just great

Yoga gives us a good body feeling. We know that by now. But what else can the training do for our body and mind? Here are five good reasons why we should all do more yoga.

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1. More patience in everyday life

People who do yoga regularly can often indulge much better in the moment. They are more persistent in situations that some would like to escape because of increasing impatience. They deal with the moment rather than throw the shotgun straight into the grain. Often, yoga can also be a panacea for sleep disorders.

2. Better concentration

In hectic everyday life it is difficult for many people to concentrate on a situation, because from many corners beckons distraction. As a result, we can not do the jobs we need to do well. Yoga aims to help you learn to focus by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. In moments when you lose your concentration, you can remember it and apply what you have learned from the yoga class in everyday life.

3. Strengthened self-confidence

Yoga is in many ways a booster for your self-confidence. Not only do you strengthen strength, endurance and concentration, but you also grow with the steady improvements you make in practice. Through yogatraining, you take on a different, more upright posture, which also looks self-confidently on your environment.

4. Sharpened intuition

Unfortunately, in the hectic pace of everyday life and in a world characterized by rationality, we rarely listen to our intuition. Yoga is meditative and helps to stay calm - even in situations that cause us stress. We are more able to listen to ourselves and make a decision that takes our core into account.

5. Balanced hormone balance

Yoga balances you and your hormones. The glands of the endocrine system, whose role is to secrete hormones in the body, provide for this effect. You ask these special glands each time you do your exercises. The so-called child pose has z. For example, it has a very calming effect on the adrenal glands, which secrete a number of hormones, such as cortisol (stress hormone).

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